Accounting & Financial

Accounting & Financial

Minding Your Dollars & Your Documents

Accounting and financial firms deal with a lot of information every day. With Marcotek’s products and services, this becomes much easier to do.

How Can Marcotek Help Clients in Accounting & Finance?

If you work in accounting or finance, Marcotek can help you get more work done in a variety of ways:

We can provide you with different hardware and solutions that’ll improve how you deal with documents:

  • With our Multifunction Copiers, you can print, copy and scan documents all from the same device. You can also fax and email your scanned files quickly or store them securely on your network.
  • Our MFP App Development service ensures that you get everything you need from our multifunction copiers. You can set up solid, reliable workflows that let you finish tasks involving documents quicker.
  • Our standalone Scanners are ideal for offices that need to capture large volumes of documents everyday. You can accurately scan thousands of pages in a matter of minutes.
  • You can pair our scanners with our Scanning Solutions, which enable you to scan documents to Google Drive, Dropbox and other services even faster.

Workflow Solutions

Marcotek has other solutions to help you streamline your workflows:

  • Our Document Management solutions let you locate important documents in almost no time at all.
  • Print Accounting gives you precise, accurate information on your printing-related expenses.
  • Rules Based Printing can help you cut down on wasteful printing and prevent people from stealing documents.

Other Industry Solutions

Marcotek’s products and services can help people in other industries do more everyday. For more details, go to the pages listed below:



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