Tuesday Tip: Why and How to Go Green with Your Business

Tuesday Tip, Go Green

“Going green.” It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. Most readers will know that it basically means conserving energy and becoming more conscientious of the impact you have on the environment.

However, some business owners may ask, “What exactly does this mean for me? What can I do? Is it even worth while for me to try going green?”

The answer to the last question is simple: Yes, it is. Here are some reasons why you should go green and a few quick, easy steps you can take to do so.

Reduces Costs and Waste

Going green has clear benefits for your bottom line. By reducing the supplies and energy you use, you lower your operating costs. In turn, this allows you to devote more resources to building your business.

Improves Your Brand and Attracts Customers

On a related note, showing that you care about the environment makes you look good to your customer base. Going green indicates you’re resourceful and forward-thinking, which can enhance your brand and draw new clients to you.

How Do You Go Green?

Going green isn’t complicated. You just need to take some simple steps like:

  • Switching off lights and equipment when you’re not actively using them
  • Use Energy Star-qualified fluorescent lights, which last longer and require less energy than standard light bulbs
  • Change or clean your HVAC filters once a month

Also, office equipment manufacturers have come out with products that use less power without sacrificing productivity. Xerox’s multifunction printers, for example, have Low Power and Sleep Modes that allow you to conserve energy. At the same time, they give you the ability to print, scan, fax and email documents all from a single device.

Manage Print Services and Enterprise Content Management from Xerox can help you accomplish more with less resource usage as well. These services enable you to streamline your processes and minimize waste.