Churches & Non-Profit

Churches & Non-Profit

Helping Churches & Non-Profits Spread the Word

Churches and non-profits regularly need to produce large volumes of documents to inform people about their various efforts. At the same time, they need to keep extensive records in order to hang onto their tax-exempt statuses.

How Can Marcotek Help Church/Non-Profit Clients?

Marcotek’s has quite a few options that allow churches and non-profits to balance their production and storage needs. Here are some examples:

Printing Documents

We have equipment, software and services to help you spend less money without compromising on quality:

  • Our Printers give you flawless, great-looking text and images in color and B&W. Not only that, they can print off dozens or hundreds of pages in just a few minutes.
  • Our Multifunction Copiers earn their name by combining printers, scanners and fax machines all in a single device.
  • Our Printer Management service can help maximize your printing productivity. You can learn how to reduce waste and save money.
  • Rules Based Printing gives you the ability to monitor who uses your printers and restrict how they use them.
  • Print Accounting lets you see exactly how much your printing costs you.

Document Management & Managed IT

Marcotek also has solutions to help you improve your IT network:

  • With our Document Management solution, you can store your electronic files safely and securely. When you need a particular document, you can pull it up quickly with a simple word search.
  • Our Helpdesk is here to help you whenever you have trouble with your desktops and other systems.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery ensures that you can get your files back if your systems ever get damaged or destroyed.

Other Industry Solutions

Marcotek’s products and services can help people in several different industries get more work done. To find out how, check out these pages:



Health Care

Accounting & Financial

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