Document Management

Document Management

Handle Information and Your Business Better

Electronic documents are fantastic tools for doing business. But just like paper documents, you need to be able to organize them. That’s where Marcotek’s Document Management solution comes in.

Why Choose Marcotek’s Document Management Solution?

Marcotek’s Document Management solution can give your business a lot of fantastic benefits:

Easy to Manage Your Business Content

Our solution has an intuitive, user-friendly platform. You can get set up and start managing your information better in almost no time at all. You can:

  • Capture documents in one simple step
  • Collaborate with others more effectively and securely
  • Reach new levels of productivity both in the office and out

Great Convenience and Customization Options

You can tailor the Document Management solution to fit your company’s specific processes and style. You can add your own images and branding and organize content in a way that suits your workflows.

Mobile Responsive Design

Marcotek’s Document Management solution makes it easy to take your work with you whenever you need to. It gives you the ability to capture and manage your company’s content from a tablet or smartphone.

Its responsive interface lets you see and work with your documents on your desktop, on the internet or on your mobile device with no problems. You’ll just need to download one of the free mobile apps and get to work!

Powerful Free Apps and Workflow Tools

Our solution comes with free apps and other workflow tools to help you get more done. You can route documents where they need to go automatically.

Smooth, Effective Integration

It can be a pain in the neck when you need to jump between different computer programs to get work done. Thankfully, our document management can integrate easily with applications you use everyday.

More Workflow Solutions

Marcotek’s other Workflow Solutions can boost your productivity too:

Contact us today to discuss how Marcotek’s Document Management or any of our other workflow solutions can help your business be more profitable and efficient.