Helping Schools and Universities Deal with Info

Clients in education have unique challenges when it comes to records and other documents. On the one hand, they may need to print out course material on a regular basis. On the other, they need to store student records—which can really pile up as years and decades go by—for a very long time.

How Can Marcotek Help Educators?

Marcotek has a bunch of resources to help teachers and administrators produce and handle documents better:


We offer a variety of hardware, software and services to make printing better, faster and more cost-effective:

  • Our Printers give you thousands of error-free, high-quality pages every single month.
  • Multifunction Copiers deliver the same great productivity as our printers and add on the ability to scan and distribute documents simultaneously.
  • MFP App Development allows you to integrate your multifunction copiers with your workflows even further. You’ll be able to scan and share information faster and boost your efficiency even further.
  • Rules Based Printing gives you the ability to control who uses your printers and what they do on them.
  • With Print Accounting, you can track how much you’re spending on printing and, if necessary, start reining those costs in.
  • With Printer Management, Marcotek’s printing experts can work with you to fine-tune your practices and get the most from your printer fleet.

Document Scanning & Management

In addition to our print-related offerings, Marcotek has options to help you scan better:

  • Our Scannners let you capture and convert hundreds—and even thousands—of pages within minutes.
  • Our Scanning Solutions let you scan directly to Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular storage services. You can even get your scanned documents translated to or from dozens of languages.
  • Our Document Management solutions let you find important records and info whenever you need them.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery ensures that you can get your records back if anything happens to your systems.

Other Industry Solutions

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