Health Care

Health Care

Meeting the Challenging Needs of the Health Care Industry

People who work in health care face a bunch of challenges involving records and other documents. First and foremost, they need to meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations. And of course, staying on budget and minimizing waste are always big concerns.

How Does Marcotek Help Clients in Health Care?

If you work for a hospital or a health care organization, Marcotek can help you out in a variety of ways. We can work with you to:

We’ve got a bunch of products and services to improve how you print documents:

  • Our Multifunction Copiers or MFPs don’t just give you great-looking documents and images. You can also capture your documents securely to various formats and locations, which allows you to store info and collaborate easier.
  • MFP App Development allows you to create applications that help you get the most from your MFPs.
  • Rules Based Printing gives you the power to control what different users can do on your printers and MFPs.
  • With Printer Management, Marcotek’s team of experts can show you how to protect your documents, reduce printing expenses and much more.

Scan & Store Documents Better

Marcotek also has hardware, services and solutions to make document scanning and storage easier:

  • Our stock of Scanners let you capture thousands of images and pages within minutes. You’ll retain all the details and data you’ll need and be able to create searchable files.
  • Scanning Solutions make it effortless for you to scan documents to different services like OneDrive and Google Drive. You can also have documents in several languages translated.
  • With our Document Management solutions, you’ll be able to find documents quickly while keeping them secure.
  • Network Configuration can ensure that all of your computers and other devices work as a whole.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery gives you the peace of mind that you’ll still have your important records no matter what happens.

Other Industry Solutions

Marcotek can help clients in many other industries get work done. Go to these pages to find out more:



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