We’re Just a Phone Call Away

Here at Marcotek, we talk a lot about getting technology you trust from faces you know. Our Helpdesk service gives you access to those faces—or the voices that go with them, anyway—whenever you’re having trouble with your technology.

When something goes wrong with your IT network, you need it fixed yesterday. But to fix problems that pop up all of a sudden, you may need to peel your in-house staff away from something they’re working on at that moment. This means that other important tasks get put on hold while you deal with something that you may not even understand.

Marcotek’s Helpdesk can help you stay on point and on schedule. When your hardware or applications aren’t working like they should, you can give us a call here. Our team of pros can talk you through problems and get issues resolved quickly and conclusively.

What Do You Get with Marcotek’s Helpdesk?

Marcotek’s Helpdesk can be an excellent resource for a wide range of companies. With this service, you get:

All-Local Support for Your Hardware/Applications

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Marcotek’s team is based right here in Northern Florida, USA. Our team understands your problems in part because they understand you.

Minimized Downtime

When you call our Helpdesk, we start working on your problem right there and then. Our expertise will allow you to get IT problems figured out and fixed right away.

Consistently High Productivity

When you fix your problems right away, you can get back to more important tasks faster. In this way, our Helpdesk helps give your productivity—and, more importantly, your profits—a bump.

More Managed IT Services

Marcotek’s Helpdesk is only one part of our Managed IT Services:

  • Remote Monitoring lets you focus on business while we watch over your IT network.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery ensures that you don’t lose any of your important info if something bad happens to your systems.
  • Network Configuration makes sure that your desktops, apps and every other piece of your network works together.

For more details on Marcotek’s Helpdesk,