Helping Law Firms Handle Paperwork Better

People who work in the legal profession have complex challenges when it comes to records and documents. They need the ability to keep sensitive information confidential while delivering information to others in a prompt manner. And of course, keeping an eye on expenses is important too.

If you work for a law firm or some other organization in the legal industry, Marcotek’s hardware and software can help make your job easier:


Our hardware lets you handle documents better:

  • Our Printers don’t just deliver great-looking documents and pictures—they do it quickly and consistently.
  • Our Scanners let you convert your paperwork to a variety of electronic formats. You can create searchable files for fast, easy retrieval and get documents where they need to go quickly.
  • Our Multifunction Copiers let you print and capture high quality documents from the same machine. Their advanced security features prevent your files from falling into the wrong hands either through carelessness or malicious intent.


Our various [Workflow Solutions] and Managed IT Services ensure that you get the most from your documents and systems:

  • Our available Scanning Solutions make it easier for you to protect your files and route them to different locations. If you need to, you can even have documents translated to and from several different languages.
  • Our Document Management solutions ensure that you can find specific files whenever you need them.
  • Our Backup & Disaster Recovery protects your important records and case files in the event of a fire or other catastrophe.
  • Rules Based Printing allows you to control who accesses your printers and what they do with them.
  • Print Accounting lets you keep track of your printing expenses.

Other Industry Solutions

Marcotek has helped clients in many other industries work better. Check out these pages to learn more:



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Health Care

Accounting & Financial

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