Managed I.T. Services

Managed I.T. Services

Helping Your Business Reach Maximum Productivity

Technology gives businesses the chance to do more work and make more money. Of course, that’s if everything goes right. And with Marcotek’s Managed IT Services, our team of experts can make sure that they do.

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Network Configuration

When you’re using a bunch of different computers, printers and other systems everyday, you need to make sure that they all work together. That’s where our Network Configuration service comes in. Marcotek can help you protect your data and avoid errors and downtime.


Whenever you have trouble with your IT network, give Marcotek a call. Our Helpdesk team combines decades of experience with the fast, courteous service that long-time customers have come to expect from us.

Remote Monitoring

You need to watch what’s happening on your network, but you also need to run your business. With Marcotek’s Remote Monitoring service, our IT experts can serve as guards for your systems. When problems pop up, we can start working on them instantly. You’ll be free to concentrate on increasing profits.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When your systems get damaged or your information gets lost, your business may not survive. Marcotek’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service helps ensure that you can survive. If your office experiences a fire or some other catastrophe, you’ll be able to get up and running faster.

Printer Management

With Printer Management from Marcotek, you can get more from your printer fleet than you may have thought possible. You’ll eliminate security vulnerabilities, minimize waste and more.

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