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Marcotek only partners with the best companies in their field of technology. We are always striving to partner with the best App and software developers as well as equipment manufacturers available. Marcotek is proud to announce the following current technology partnerships:



Xerox’s Printers, Multifunction Copiers and other state of the art technologys are used by consumers and businesses every day, all over the world to run more efiefiently and become more profitable.  In 1938 Chester Carlson created the original Xerographic process that we know today to be the copy machine.  The Xerox Corporation was formed to develop and commercialize the process for business use.  Since the original copy machines were created, Xerox has been the true leader in the industry.  80 years later Xerox offers the widest platform of multi-function digital copiers and printers available and is proud to be the only copier manufacturer to be owned and headquartered in the United States.  By partnering with Xerox, Marcotek brings the power and expertise of a 22 billion dollar company to our area.  As a locally owned business, Marcotek understands how to utilize the Xerox technology to fit the needs and budget of your local business.  


One of the most recognized names in technology, Microsoft has been a leading developer of computers, software and applications for more than four decades. Their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility matches that of Marcotek’s management.


Founded in 2005, Carbonite provides affordable, easy-to-use, highly effective cloud backup services. They’ve won numerous awards and backed up more than half a trillion files to date.


Founded in 1984, Dell has grown to become a leader in global technology. They create products and solutions that allow business to optimize their IT infrastructures.


Rules based printing and print management at it best. Papercut is a leader in the industry and we are very proud to partner with them.

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