Office Equipment

Office Equipment

Get First-Rate Printers & More from Marcotek

Marcotek offers clients in Florida and Georgia some of the best office technology available anywhere today. With our printers and other devices, you can:

  • Reduce waste and expenses effortlessly
  • Improve the quality of your documents
  • Enhance your printing and scanning workflows

Check out the following pages to learn about our stock of office equipment:


Marcotek’s printers give you great-looking documents and images, but they do even more. They also help you keep your information more secure. Not only that, they let you minimize your carbon footprint.

Multifunction Copiers

Also known as MFPs or all-in-one printers, Marcotek’s multifunction copiers give you several machines in one. If you need to print originals, make copies and convert paperwork to digital files, these devices can do it all!

Production Print

With one of our production prints, you get top quality and top quantity. These machines can create books and a whole lot more!


Marcotek’s standalone scanners let you capture hundreds or even thousands of images in very little time. You can create electronic files that you’ll be able to retrieve easily.

Workflow Solutions & Managed IT Services

Marcotek offers you much more than hardware. With our Workflow Solutions and Managed IT Services, you can get as much as you can from our equipment and keep things running smoothly in your office. See these sections of our website for more info:

Workflow Solutions

Marcotek’s solutions let you print securely while you’re working remotely, store and route your scanned documents faster and much more.

Managed IT Services

Our IT experts can help you work through network problems, reduce your operating costs and protect your important info from disasters like fires and floods.

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