Print Accounting

Print Accounting

Manage Your Printing and Your Bottom Line Better

Most businesses know that they print and copy a lot, but have no real idea what overall it is costing them. With Print Accounting, Marcotek can show you how much you’re spending and how much you can save. We first would do an audit to show you who and where you are printing from and coping the most. The power is in knowing the information so that you can decide if that is where you need to be spending your printing budget or if changes need to be made. Once we have helped you look at your current printing practices and assessed your current true printing needs, we can then help layout proper print polices for you business that align with your core values and operational objectives. We can help you set print, copy, scan and faxing limits per employee or for the entire office directly from your Xerox device or your computer. This can help you set polices that define what needs to be printed in color and what needs to be printed black and white. It can also allow you to set up departmental codes so that you can divide the cost of you printing by department or project. The best part of this is that you have the flexibility to make changes to the limits within seconds by just a few clicks of the mouse, but of course you have to have the admin password. Marcotek’s Print Accounting gives you the TOTAL control over who, where, when and what gets printed and how much its costs or saves!

What You Get from Marcotek’s Print Accounting

Printing/Copying/Scanning/Faxing Limits

Records for Printing by User/Group/Dept.

Limits on Color Printing/Copying

Total Control Over Your Printing Costs

More Workflow Solutions

Marcotek has plenty of other Workflow Solutions to help you improve how you work everyday:

  • Rules Based Printing also helps you regulate how people use your printer fleet.
  • Mobile Printing gives you the ability to print what you need even when you’re not in the office.
  • With MFP App Development, you can set up workflows on your MFPs that let you finish tasks in less time.

Contact us today to discuss how Marcotek’s Print Accounting or any of our other workflow solutions can help your business be more profitable and efficient.