Printer Management

Printer Management

Get More from Your Office’s Printers

Lots of times, people don’t realize how much they really spend on printing. With Marcotek’s Print Management service, you’ll not only learn exactly how you spend, you’ll be able to cut those costs down while getting more from your printers and supplies.

What Do You Get with Printer Management?

A recent study found that most companies spend 1-3% just on printing every single year. That equals thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a big chunk of revenue going to something that isn’t always necessary.

On a related note, printing doesn’t just affect your bottom line. It represents a serious—and seriously overlooked—security vulnerability. If someone accesses your printers’ hard drives and prints off some of your private information, it can be a PR and legal nightmare. Not only that, needless printing can generate a lot of waste and suck up a lot of energy.

With Printer Management, all of these headaches disappear. Marcotek’s experts can provide you with:

Amazing Info on Printing Costs & More

You’ll see how much you print with absolute accuracy. On top of that, you’ll see who prints what. You can then use this information to tighten up your processes and rein in excesses.

Maximized Productivity

Marcotek can help you set up printing practices that get you more bang for your buck. These could include:

  • Printing on both sides of a page
  • Restrictions on printing in color

Dependable Security for Your Documents

Printer Management can help you take advantage of powerful security features that come with the latest Printers and Multifunction Copiers, including:

  • Encrypted Hard Drives
  • Image Overwrite
  • ID Card and Password Protection

Minimized Environmental Impact

By curbing excessive printing, you’ll reduce the waste you make from printing. This will help you improve your carbon footprint with no extra effort.

More Managed IT Services

Marcotek’s Managed IT Services can help improve how you work in other ways:

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