The Printers You Need for Your Business to Grow

If there’s one thing that Marcotek knows, it’s printers. We’ve sold cutting-edge printing technology to clients in South Georgia and North Florida for more than three decades.

Today, Marcotek partners with Xerox, one of the best printer manufacturers in the world. We bring all the innovation and value that comes with $22 billion right to your business!

Why Use Marcotek’s Printers?

Marcotek’s stock of printers gives you:

Great-Looking Pictures and Text

Our printers have great dpi resolutions. This means that your pictures will have the sharp details they need and your text won’t have any fuzzy bits around the edges.

Marcotek’s printers give you tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of pages every single month. Not only that, you can turn them on and print off dozens of pages in just a few minutes.

Less Power, Fewer Expenses

We stock printers that are specifically designed to save you energy and money. Lots of our devices are certified under the Energy Star program, which measures the energy efficiency of different products.

By using up less energy, our printers help you save money on your power bill too. Not only that, they use special toner that’ll help you print for longer and lower your supply costs.

Security for Your Information

These days, you need to think about thieves and hackers getting into your printers and stealing your information. Security features like IP filtering and secure print keep them out.

Managed IT Services & Workflow Solutions

To really beef up your productivity, you can pair Marcotek’s Office Equipment with our Managed IT Services and Workflow Solutions:

For specs on our equipment, check out our product catalog.

To discuss how our printers and other offerings can improve your business,