Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Someone to Watch Over You

Marcotek’s slogan is “Faces you know, technology you trust.” With Remote Monitoring, you can trust those faces to keep watch over your technology.

Your IT network requires constant attention and maintenance. When problems come up, you need to see them and fix them before they have the chance to spread and gum up the works in your office.

But of course, when you devote a lot of time and manpower to watching over your network, you don’t have as much to give to other tasks. You can end up doing a lot of work just to stay where you are.

With Marcotek’s help, you can keep your focus where it belongs. As part of our Remote Monitoring service, our expert team can keep your systems working properly. We’ll handle any issues that arise before you even notice them. You can trust that everything’s working like it should and concentrate on running—and growing—your business.

What Does Marcotek’s Remote Monitoring Give You?

Here are some of the benefits you’ll see from our Remote Monitoring service:

Problems Fixed Before You Know It

Marcotek’s IT professionals work completely in the background. They’ll handle maintenance and other important tasks without changing or interfering with your daily routine. Think of us as a guardian angel for your technology.

Protection for Your Info & Systems

We can see what’s happening on your systems at all times. If something doesn’t seem right, we’ll alert you right away if it’s something that requires your attention. Whether you need to get involved or not, you can trust that your issues will get resolved as soon as possible.

More Managed IT Services

The other parts of Marcotek’s Managed IT Services can amp up your productivity too:

  • Our Helpdesk can provide support for problems with your equipment or applications.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery enables you to get your important information back in case of a hurricane or other big problem.
  • Network Configuration ensures that your systems all work together and do what you need them to do.
  • Printer Management can increase your printing efficiency and lower your expenses.

If you’d like to discuss how Remote Monitoring or any of our other services can help your business,