Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing

Get a Grip on What You Print

If you’re not careful, printing can gobble up your budget and leave a lot of waste behind. Marcotek’s Rules Based Printing solution prevents that from happening.

What You Can Do with Rules Based Printing

With Rules Based Printing, it becomes extremely easy to control who does what on your printers:

  • You can keep track of who uses your printers and what they do on them.
  • You can set specific limits on how much people and departments can print.
  • You can set up and enforce practices like duplex printing so people don’t waste as much paper and toner.
  • You can print both in your office and remotely without worrying about someone acting inappropriately.

More Workflow Solutions

Marcotek has other Workflow Solutions to help you work better wherever you are. They include:

  • Mobile Printing, which gives you the ability to print from smartphones and tablets
  • Print Accounting, which lets you keep track of how much printing costs you with absolute precision
  • MFP App Development, which helps you protect your information and makes it even easier to use your Xerox multifunction copiers
  • Document Management, which opens up ways for you to store and share your important information

Managed IT Services

Marcotek also has Managed IT Services to help you operate better:

  • With Printer Management, Marcotek’s team of experts can show you how to adjust your printing practices for maximum productivity.
  • Remote Monitoring gives you a reliable safeguard against people doing bad things on your network.
  • Our Helpdesk can help you fix any problems that come up with your printers or your IT network.
  • Network Configuration ensures that all your systems work the way they’re supposed to.

Contact us today to discuss how Marcotek’s Rules Based Printing or any of our other workflow solutions can help your business be more profitable and efficient.