Handle Digital Documents Better with Marcotek’s Scanners

Operating in today’s business world means dealing with digital documents. That’s why Marcotek offers some of the best document scanners on the market today. You can capture your paper files and convert them to different formats in almost no time at all. And once you do that, you can save them on your network or send them off to the people who need them right away.

What You Get with Our Scanners

Marcotek’s scanners combine advanced technology with easy-to-use controls. They give you:

  • The ability to scan thousands of pages and pictures in just minutes
  • Helpful, efficiency-boosting features like dual scanning (i.e. scanning both sides of a page at the same time)
  • The power to work with others better by sending scanned documents off directly from the device
  • The chance to make information easier to find by creating searchable PDF files and other formats

Managed IT Services & Workflow Solutions

To really get the most from Marcotek’s scanners, you can pair them with our Managed IT Services and Workflow Solutions:

  • Scanning Solutions allow you to do even more with your scanned documents.
  • Document Management lets you save your files on your network, making them both easier for you to find and harder for hackers and thieves to take.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery protects your important info in case a fire or some other misfortune hits your office.
  • Remote Monitoring lets you see who’s using your network and what exactly they’re doing.
  • Helpdesk gives you access to our expert staff whenever you’re having problems with your equipment or software.

Want to discuss how our scanners and other devices can help you work faster and smarter?