Scanning Solutions

Scanning Solutions

Save Time and Effort with Marcotek’s Scanning Solutions

What would companies be today without digital documents? Going out of business, probably. That’s why Marotek’s scanning solutions from Xerox come in handy. With these apps and services, you can capture documents route them to the right locations quickly.

Available Scanning Solutions

Marcotek’s available scanning solutions include:

OptimiDoc Cloud

This serverless solution lets you capture, process and distribute documents with ease. You can:

  • Preserve the details and formatting of captured documents and images
  • Set up customized scanning workflows
  • Save money with OptimiDoc’s credit system
  • Protect your documents with SSL encryption and PIN authentication

Scan to DocuShare

You can scan documents from your multifunction copier straight to your company’s DocuShare site.

Xerox Easy Translator

With the Xerox Easy Translator service, you can get fast, accurate translations for your documents. Just scan the document on your MFP and have it translated into 35+ different languages.

Xerox Healthcare MFP App

Doctors, hospital administrators and other healthcare workers can use this app to share patient information while meeting HIPAA compliance. You can send documents to providers in the SureScripts national directory and integrate the app with the Kno2 clinical document exchange.

Scan to Cloud Email

You can scan your documents to formats like PDF and XPS and email them directly from your device.

This app lets you scan files to OneDrive. At the same time, you can print files saved in OneDrive easily.

Office365 users can print and scan documents much easier with this app.

Printing from and scanning to Google Drive becomes effortless. This app supports:

  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF
  • Open Office
  • TIFF
  • XPS
  • JPEG

Have some files in Dropbox that you need to print? This app supports Microsoft Office files, JPEGs, PDFs and many other formats. You can also scan documents directly to your Dropbox.

Box users who need to print or scan documents can take advantage of this app, which supports popular formats like:

  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG


This cloud service allows Xerox MFP users to capture paper files and convert them to the digital formats they need. From there, you can route them wherever they need to go quickly.

More Workflow Solutions

Marcotek has even more Workflow Solutions to help you work better:

  • Document Management makes your electronic files both easily retrievable and reliably secure.
  • MFP App Development ensures that your multifunction copiers meet your business demands.

Contact us today to discuss how Marcotek’s Scanning Solutions or any of our other workflow solutions can help your business be more profitable and efficient.