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Accounting & Financial

Minding Your Dollars & Your Documents

Accounting and financial firms deal with a lot of information every day. With Marcotek’s products and services, this becomes much easier to do.

How Can Marcotek Help Clients in Accounting & Finance?

If you work in accounting or finance, Marcotek can help you get more work done in a variety of ways:


Helping Law Firms Handle Paperwork Better

People who work in the legal profession have complex challenges when it comes to records and documents. They need the ability to keep sensitive information confidential while delivering information to others in a prompt manner. And of course, keeping an eye on expenses is important too.

Health Care

Meeting the Challenging Needs of the Health Care Industry

People who work in health care face a bunch of challenges involving records and other documents. First and foremost, they need to meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations. And of course, staying on budget and minimizing waste are always big concerns.

Churches & Non-Profit

Helping Churches & Non-Profits Spread the Word

Churches and non-profits regularly need to produce large volumes of documents to inform people about their various efforts. At the same time, they need to keep extensive records in order to hang onto their tax-exempt statuses.


Helping Schools and Universities Deal with Info

Clients in education have unique challenges when it comes to records and other documents. On the one hand, they may need to print out course material on a regular basis. On the other, they need to store student records—which can really pile up as years and decades go by—for a very long time.


Helping the Government Help Us

It’s probably not a big secret that government agencies and employees have a lot on their hands everyday. This is especially true when it comes to their documents.

To stay on top of things, government employees need the ability to find and distribute information as quickly as they can. At the same time, they may need to keep the wrong people from accessing that information. And of course, making every dollar count is a big concern too.

Industry Solutions

Building Clients for Life in Several Industries

It’s not especially profound to say that different businesses have their own specific needs and challenges. Still, Marcotek’s team has seen too many companies in the copier and IT industries act as if one size fits all with their clients.

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