Workflow Solutions

Rules Based Printing

Get a Grip on What You Print

If you’re not careful, printing can gobble up your budget and leave a lot of waste behind. Marcotek’s Rules Based Printing solution prevents that from happening.

What You Can Do with Rules Based Printing

With Rules Based Printing, it becomes extremely easy to control who does what on your printers:

Document Management

Handle Information and Your Business Better

Electronic documents are fantastic tools for doing business. But just like paper documents, you need to be able to organize them. That’s where Marcotek’s Document Management solution comes in.

Why Choose Marcotek’s Document Management Solution?

Marcotek’s Document Management solution can give your business a lot of fantastic benefits:

Scanning Solutions

Save Time and Effort with Marcotek’s Scanning Solutions

What would companies be today without digital documents? Going out of business, probably. That’s why Marotek’s scanning solutions from Xerox come in handy. With these apps and services, you can capture documents route them to the right locations quickly.

Available Scanning Solutions

Marcotek’s available scanning solutions include:

Mobile Printing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you know that the world has seen all kinds of technological advances. Marcotek’s Mobile Printing solution lets you take some of those advances and use them to get more work done. With our award-winning technology, you’ll be able to print from:

Workflow Solutions

Work Faster & Better than You Ever Imagined

Marcotek’s main concern is helping our clients become more productive and profitable. Our stock of Office Equipment does that, of course. But to really kick things into high gear, you can take advantage of our Workflow Solutions.

To learn about the ways that our solutions can improve your operations, go to the following pages:

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