Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Work Faster & Better than You Ever Imagined

Marcotek’s main concern is helping our clients become more productive and profitable. Our stock of Office Equipment does that, of course. But to really kick things into high gear, you can take advantage of our Workflow Solutions.

To learn about the ways that our solutions can improve your operations, go to the following pages:

MFP App Development

Marcotek’s MFP App Development service ensures that your multifunction copiers truly integrate with your systems and workflows. You can make it easier for people in your office to print and scan documents. At the same time, you can stop people from accessing or stealing your sensitive information.

Mobile Printing

Our Mobile Printing solution can give you some amazing opportunities for boosting productivity. You’ll be able to print off documents you need both in-office and out.

Scanning Solutions

If you need to scan documents to Google Drive, Office365 and other services, our Scanning Solutions make it effortless. Not only that, you can have scanned documents translated quickly, accurately and affordably.

Document Management

Marcotek’s Document Management solution lets you capture, store and retrieve documents with maximum efficiency. Processing and handling your company’s critical information becomes extremely easy.

Rules Based Printing

Printing can eat up a lot of your budget and leave you vulnerable to thieves if you’re not careful. With Rules Based Printing, you can tighten up your document security and keep people from wasting your supplies.

Print Accounting

Want to know how much printing really costs you? Print Accounting will tell you.

To discuss how our Workflow Solutions can improve how you work everyday,